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Are you not sure about the effectiveness of video training?

We invited a few girls to participate in a social experiment. They spent an entire day studying new professions. The teachers were in the same building, but the students could only see and hear them via a computer. The training involved both theory and practice in make-up, eyelash extension and eyebrow work. The knowledge acquired was then practised on guest models. The results were outstanding. Learn more ›

International University of beauty technology
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  • 1 680 diplomas were issued in 2019
  • 25m total earnings of our graduates
  • 20 international competitions
  • 3 890 live clock
  • 80k+ average income of our graduate

About university

International University of beauty technology

With a team of experienced teachers and methodologists, we have developed a unique distance learning system. It gives you a balanced program of theory and practice.
We will help you to acquire a profession in beauty and to deepen your professional knowledge and skills.

Reviews 98 reviews
Alexandra 4 20 June 2022 I had been thinking for a long time whether I should swap my boring desk job for a beauty professional. I did not know how to become an expert and where to start. Thanks to the University for providing me with affordable knowledge that I can use. Now I accept one client each day while continuing with my main job. I plan to transition smoothly to this new area. Thank you for your inspiration!
Marina 5 13 June 2022 I saw an advertisement for this platform on Instagram. The starting price was so tempting - only 3$. For this price, I was provided with the course theory. I then decided to pay for 2 practicals for the same course, which I do not regret at all. My expertise and knowledge have improved markedly, while my interactions with clients have become more fun!
Yelena 5 24 May 2022 Purchased courses on manicure and was so hooked that I took up another - pedicure. Soon I will start implementing my skills. At the moment, I am practising on myself now, but I plan to start my practice as a manicurist soon.
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Frequently asked questions
How are the lessons conducted?
Lessons take place online. For training, you need a laptop or a smartphone with stable internet access. At any given time, you can stop the lesson, take a break, or write down notes to help learn the material.
Will I get a certificate? And how will it help me?
You obtain an international certificate after passing the theoretical part. It contains a unique code that can be checked in a special section on the site. Furthermore, your clients or employers can check the validity of the certificate.
How do we select the teaching staff?
All potential teachers are selected in three stages. The first stage is an interview with a specialist in the selection of personnel. On the second there is a conversation with the methodologist of training courses. In the final part, we do a test recording of the lesson. Consequently, we decide on the competence and abilities of the applicant. We strive to ensure that our students gain knowledge from top teachers of the beauty industry