I had been thinking for a long time whether I should swap my boring desk job for a beauty professional. I did not know how to become an expert and where to start. Thanks to the University for providing me with affordable knowledge that I can use. Now I accept one client each day while continuing with my main job. I plan to transition smoothly to this new area. Thank you for your inspiration!

I saw an advertisement for this platform on Instagram. The starting price was so tempting - only 3$. For this price, I was provided with the course theory. I then decided to pay for 2 practicals for the same course, which I do not regret at all. My expertise and knowledge have improved markedly, while my interactions with clients have become more fun!

Purchased courses on manicure and was so hooked that I took up another - pedicure. Soon I will start implementing my skills. At the moment, I am practising on myself now, but I plan to start my practice as a manicurist soon.

Priorela courses on manicure and discreetly for herself so drawn that I finish viewing another direction - pedicure. Soon I will start working out new material in practice. While I do procedures for myself, but I plan to start practice as a manicure master.

Thank you very much for the clear and detailed presentation of the course for the eyebrow expert. Now, I can start my business and not worry that I lack sufficient knowledge.