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Eyebrow Teacher
About teacher
Katya is an expert with extensive experience in complex eyebrows. Girls with complaints of asymmetrical, uneven, pinched, or old bad tattooed eyebrows feel happy after she has worked on them. That's because Katya has in her arsenal - all the top procedures for modelling, correction and coloring of the eyebrows. Teaching for Katya is more than just a job. She is in love with the teaching process and approaches each student with sincere dedication. During the courses, you not only get the theory and the opportunity to practice, but also unique knowledge and secrets of the trainer herself: skills that fundamentally change the concepts and outlook on working with eyebrows. Her special talent lies in her intuition for an individual approach to each student, which in turn helps the student grow rapidly and get exceptional results.


Преподаватель направления уход за волосами
About teacher
Anna is a multifunctional expert, a true veteran of the beauty industry and the great pride of the University. She has in her arsenal, skills in both hairdressing and makeup. Since she is highly skilled in several areas, Anna has worked as an expert in beauty salons, as a stylist for the print media, and as a make-up artist in the theater. Her rich experience enabled her to open her studio and start teaching. For more than ten years, Anna has been successfully implementing her project, where she has been training qualified specialists, some of the best in their field. At our University, Anna teaches courses in the areas of “Makeup”, “Hair Extensions” and “Hair Care”.1. Catherine Eyebrow Teacher